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January 05, 2010


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Yes, I agree that online backup is a super cool technology. This industry is growing rapidly.

I recently Googled, "Online Backup Review" and got a great website:

The site ranks the top 75 online backup companies on a monthly basis.


Than you for sharing. I really like the effort Backup Review takes to identify categories that would be important on selecting the right solution for online backup.

I see too many offerings advertised (and reviewed) that appear to me –as poor attempts to even distinguish between backups, archives, and even mere data storage. This in my opinion hurts the eco system of “online backup” when some of the “experts” cannot even decipher technology differences in the industry and science of data storage. At first glance I do like Backup Review’s mindset and criteria mentioned. They appear to be looking at the right things. I cannot wait to see our products reviewed after the launch.

Respectfully (and thanks again!),


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