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October 02, 2008


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What a great article. Thank you for this. Regarding the Celerra Simulator, would you be able to email me a download link for that? Also, where can I find your paper, "Setting Up the Single Data Mover Celerra"?

Thank you in advance.

B. Stephen Brunner


Thanks for checking the article out! I am working on getting that set up for you now. I will likely be emailing the information to you directly. I just can't post that particular stuff publicly. Anyone else needing the same information / downloads ? Just send me a comment!


Hi Stephen,

Has there been any progress on this? I'm working on an important business project and this would be very helpful if you could provide me with this.

Thank you again!


IT Storage Blog

Larry, Sorry, I was slammed by some unexpected 'fire-drills' Thurs and Fri. I started an offline email thread with you and one of my local managers, Tony. The file is on it's way via Tony. You should have his and my personal email address on that thread. We will be delivering the virtual SAN appliance to you shortly.

B. Stephen Brunner

OK, After talking with some of my co-workers, I found out my buddy Chad has posted up the download for the virtual storage appliance, and posted a video on how easy it is to set up the storage & IP shares on the network.

STEP #1> Here is your very own Celerra to play with in you own VM environment for FREE:

STEP#2> Here is Chad’s way of setting it up (he uses a video, and it’s better than mine):

Or you can use my set up document(s). I re-posted those on the main article.

Now what I did, is mount my ESX/(usb) servers to iSCSI drives presented by the above virtual appliance, then start using that as my storage (datastore) for my vm guests. (there is a video of that here (http://virtualgeek.typepad.com/virtual_geek/2008/11/celerra-virtual.html ) It's really easy. Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

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